Het voorlopige programma voor de MUSIC LABEL NIGHT 26 MEI 2018

De 2e MUSIC™ LABEL NIGHT staat nu al geboekt op 26 Mei 2018 in de Maassilo Rotterdam.

Je kan dan 3 uur lang non-stop luisteren en kijken naar artiesten van de platenlabel TheRoomRecordingsNew Jazz Adventure en REAL DUTCH MUSIC™.

Entree: online €15,00 excl toeslag, €20,00 aan de deur

De bands die nu al gepland staan zijn:

Pieter Bast E.S.P Quintet (Jazz – New Jazz Adventure)
Kiki Bonanza (Hip Hop – TheRoomRecordings)
Groove Impact students  (drums – TheRoomRecordings)
Emile Scholsberg  (World Music – TheRoomRecordings)
Special guest from the USA: Rena Scott (onder voorbehoud)

Er komen nog meer artiesten bij van o.a. ons nieuwe Nederlandstalige label REAL DUTCH MUSIC™


De artiesten van de MUSIC™ LABEL NIGHT 2017 waren:
Sommerhus , Frederike Schonis , Elco Jongkind Trio , Geminga, Burnin the Rules , Dr Jazzle & Mrs Hide, Groove Impact students, D-Felic, Presentatie Emile Bode ( RIP Tom Blom)

Special guest from the USA: Rena Scott (Soul/R&B- TheRoomRecordings)
Soul vocalist Rena Scott has traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe performing alongside R&B’s and jazz’s most reputable acts, including the Temptations, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin, and yet her career successes stemmed more from doing commercial jingles for Levi and Sunny Delight in addition to serving as the national spokesperson for Harvey’s Bristol Cream wines. The long gaps between albums and virtual absence from the ’90s were marked by hard times, depression, and fruitless label deals. Now she found a new partner in the Dutch producer BM and his label TheRoomRecordings.

Emiel Scholsberg   (world music – TheRoomRecordings)

Composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Emiel Scholsberg started composing work of his own around 2004 and has ever since been working on honing his skills in both writing and performing. As a child of a Dutch mother and a Surinam father, he grew up with a lot of different sounds, listening through his parents’ vast record collection. At seventeen, a friend introduced him to the music of Jimi Hendrix. Deeply touched by Jimi’s music, Emiel decided to dedicate himself to the electric guitar and to the music that could be played through it.

Thus, making music became a driving force in his life. Inspired by people and their music from all over the globe, his journey so far has made his work evolve into an interesting blend of sounds, ranging from the most tender-hearted to the most screamingly poignant, always in search for sharing stories that touch the heart.

Groove Impact  
(drums – TheRoomRecordings)
Short performances from students from Juan van Emmerloot’s drum academy Groove Impact

Pieter Bast E.S.P Quintet (Jazz – New Jazz Adventure)

Een paar jaar geleden vatte drummer Pieter Bast het idee op om Europese jazz ook een standard-status te verlenen. Het bekende American Songbook en de vele Realbooks bevatten maar weinig Europees, laat staan Nederlands materiaal. Om uitvoering te geven aan dit plan richtte hij het European Standards Project (E.S.P.) op en vroeg trompettist Bert Lochs om mee te denken en arrangementen te maken. Uiteindelijk bleek alleen al het materiaal van Bast en Lochs genoeg voor de opnames van een eerste CD medio 2011. Trompet/trombone en electronics, synth, contrabas en drums: een fris geluid in moderne jazz.

Kiki Bonanza (Hip Hop – TheRoomRecordings)

Rotterdam south side roughness meets Caribbic Arubian delight. Obsessed with creating loco beats, they make raw electronic music free from inhibition. From hiphop to hardcore gabba, from electro to ragga, madness is guaranteed. Their lyrics (dutch and papiamento) are focused on the objectification of the male sex.

All men….ravishing fresh meat, put on this earth solely for their pleasure. With their ‘Si bo no gusta bo ta laga’ attitude This beatmaking/singing/rapping/adrenaline raising duo will make for a crazy 23 minutes and 6 seconds. *** Put on some Masks and harass dem Bois *** They are KIKI BONANZA!!! * apple beer and menthol cigarette infused.