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TheRoomRecordings (TRR) started in 1998 in Rotterdam The Netherlands. First, as a label for our own productions, in 2013 we decided to distribute and promote for other musicians we think deserve the opportunity to promote their work. We also make music for new artists.

In 2015 we started our Jazz label called: New Jazz Adventure

MusicForYourMovies is our label specialised in music for sync, movies and commercials


Distribution: worldwide on all major download and streaming portals. Optional CD’s to all major online shops.

Promotion: in our network, social media pages, twitter, instagram, Linkedin, Youtube…over 15.000 connections. Also we have our own projects like the annual Christmas album every year, We Make Music™ Music Label Night, Rotterdam Jazz Festival and many other ideas.

Design: we have our own design department for making your covers, promotion and visualisations.

Network: our online – offline network; we have connections in the music, televison and movie business.

Music Production: Emile is a composer and producer himself and we have our own studio for small productions, producing and mixing/mastering.
We help to imporve your production were needed without costs.

Consultancy: music promotion, music production,
advertising, social media, new projects , graphic and advertising.

Why do you want to sign my music..
If we do, it means we believe in you as an artist and like your music. We believe in giving great music a platform to be heard.
That does not mean we don’t see it as a business (yes, the musicbizz is hard), but we believe that the investement we do in music comes back in the long term. What do expect from me as an artist?
That you make good music, promote yourself in your network and try to create a fanbase.

What do you need from me to release music?
A signed contract, good music, a good picture, bio and promotion text from you in English and/or Dutch.

I want to make a cd, do you pay that for me?
No, we only do digital releases and do not invest in making your cd. Most cd sales are done at live performences/gigs and not in shops or online anymore. So all the income from the cd goes directly back to you.

How do you promote my music?
We promote your music by our online media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. Also we present your track at hundreds Online Radio Stations worldwide. That is why we need a good promotion text from you and your track. Also we have our own projects like We Make Music™, Rotterdam Jazz Festival and many other ideas to get your music out there.

Do you also do bookings?
No, that is another specialized part of the music business.

You do nothing on cd promotion?
What we will do is buy 20 cd’s (for cost price) for promotion to magazines, radiostations, etc. Also we can put some cd’s in webshops so you can be seen in the major online shops like Bol.com, amazone. The investement for us as label, to deliver to thoose shops, is allready 75 euro. It all depends what your plans are.

Why do I sell the cd for costprice to the label?
We must make a lot of hours and costs to get your cd’s and music everywhere like stamps, envelopes , phonecalls, etc. Normally we must charge you/the artists for that, we don’t. Also we help you with advice, design and consultancy to manufactur your cd. Normally we charge €75.00 euro ex taxes pro hour for that kind of services. For you, as a signed artist, the service is for free.

Do you work with kickbacks on cd sales I do on performences/gigs?
No, you made the investment so you get the money.

Do I have to make my own design for cd, facebook, etc. ?
No, we can help you with that. We have years of experience doing that for big companies and artists… so we know what it needs to make a great graphic presentation. Also for traditional print like cd-covers, vinyl sleeves, etc we have the experience. Normally we charge €75.00 euro ex taxes pro hour for that kind of services. For you, as a signed artist, the service is for free.

How do I know what the track is doing on streams and downloads?
We have an portal where you can check 24/7/365 what your track is doing in streaming and downloads.

I want to make a video, do you pay that for me?
No, we do not. What we can do is support you (consultancy, promoting, sponsorsing, network, graphics, music). Sometimes we also sponsor our artists, it all depends on what you want to do and where there is an return-on-investment.

Can you get my music in a movie or commercial?
We will do our best to archieve that, but we can’t make any promises. There’s a lot of music outthere and you just have to blend in what they are looking for. But because we also make music for sync ourselfs, people know allready our label and they know how to find us. Also we have a special promotionwebsite called www.musicforyourmovies.com . Your music will also be promoted on that website.

Do I have to pay to distribute my music at your label?
No. For you as a signed artist, this service is for free.

Do I pay you for trying to get my music for sync?
No you do not. That is where the TheRoomRecordings Publishing comes in (percentage of the rights and part of the fee that TV or Moviecompanies have to pay for using the track). Normally we charge €75.00 euro ex taxes pro hour for that kind of services. For you, as a signed artist, the service is for free.

How do I become succesfull…
We believe in the personal approach: No one can do it better than yourself. Because it’s your track and you are the creator and person behind that piece of music. We only can support you as good as we can to get your music out there…

When do you pay the royalties?
2 times a year you get a statement from us and you send us the bill. We will pay you, even if it is 1 euro…

Will I become rich and famous...
Ofcourse, if you work hard enough 😉

How much money will I make…
We work on a 50/50 deal. That means that the money we get from our distributor will be split 50/50. Normally thats means: Selling/Streaming price: minus shop 10-20%, royalty organisation like BumaStemra 10%, distributor 15%. The artist don’t have to pay any fees to our label. For you as a signed artist, the service is for free.

Do you have more questions or suggestions for this page? Just mail us!

For more info, please contact Emile Bode at info@theroomrecordings.com


Emile Bode : owner of the music labels

Emile Bode

Emile Bode is a producer and musician which means in practice that Emile can advise and guide you and your artist for making decisions, for the production or (new) releases.

Besides that he is an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, he is also a music producer and composer. Through the years he created his own advertising company (Vormdesign), guitar brand (Emile Guitars) and the brand name MUSIC™ which he uses for custom made beers (Stout Biertje, Dutch IPA, coffee (Starfish&Coffee), custom made candy (Rock& Roll Candy), Beer crates (Beer crate Nr.6 and Nr.12) and presents it all with the slogan We Make Music™