Juan van Emmerloot

Quote of Steve Lukather (Toto) about van Emmerloot’s music production:

“My dear old friend Juan has made an amazing album here.

I put it on and it made me smile wide and groove and then it pissed me off cause I found out it was HIM playing the guitar and he is RIPPING !! AND the drums and writing and producing and.. ??Buy this record before I hurt him physically. He may need the money for a Dr. No one should have all that talent! haha (There are some amazing performances by his guest muso friends as well!) I am really knocked out by this music.”

Steve Lukather Sept 2014


Juan van Emmerloot – “Burnin’ the Rules”
Album with 12 tracks pure sublime poprock tracks.

“Burnin’ The Rules” is a debut production of Juan van Emmerloot, on which he performes not only as a drummer, but also as a composer and producer. On this album you can hear instrumental rock music and rock songs played with soul and power, with great performances of: Snowy White (Roger Waters), John Bundrick (The Who), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Damian Corlazzoli (Postmen) and many others.

Juan van Emmerloot is known for his international career performing on tours with some of the world’s greatest guitarists: Snowy White (Roger Waters, Thin Lizzy), Walter Trout, Mick Rogers (Manfred Man’s Earthband), Pat Travers, Steve Lukather, Mick Moody & Bernie Marsden (White Snake), Omar Dykes (Omar & The Howlers), Poppa Chubby, Peppino D’Agostino (the best acoustic guitar player in the United States of year 2007) and Stef Burns (Sheila E, Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis & The News). Parallel to that he performed & recorded drums for many great musicians such as: Snowy White, Gary Moore, Chris Rea, David Gilmour Stef Burns, Max Middleton, John Bundrick and many more.


Producing: As a drummer Juan worked in a large number of studio sessions in the Netherlands and the UK: Dureco Studios, Wisseloord Studios, Fendal Sound Studios and in UK studios: Jacobs Studio (Farnham), Black Barn Studios (Surrey), Barefoot Studio (London) and Curtis Schwartz Studio (Surrey), Real Life Studios (FA) and the Urban Recording Studios (IT).

During these studio sessions he had the privilege to work with many great producers such as Ken Thomas, Curtis Schwartz, John Sonneveld, Pim Koopman, Robin Freeman, Roel Jongenelen, Ernst Jansz, Pierre Geoffroy Chateau and George Konings.

His fascination and passion for recording music started at the early age of 14, when he did his first jingle recording sessions in a local studio called ‘Joe’s Garage’. Inspired by those sessions, Juan started to write songs using the “ping-pong” technique with 2 mono tape cassettes players in his home based bedroom studio.

Later on he learned how to to record music with professional multitrack machines. Through these experiences and practical studies Juan developed his speciality to recognize the qualities of the acoustics of a live room, how to use various microphones on a drum kit but also how to merge the analogue and digital world during a recording session.

Today van Emmerloot works at “40 Lions Place” (Studio 1 and Studio 2) on a daily basis, recording drums for: Marco Canepa at Drumcode Studio (It), S.O.B. Studios (Amsterdam), Bi-OS Productions (It), French House Recording Studio (Fa) and TheRoomRecordings (Rotterdam).

Juan: “The essence of recording music is to find a harmonic basis between the musicians and the artists you work with. If you are able to build your music on this fundament, it will lead to making your dream compositions come alive!”

Artists who ultimately chose Juan as their recording producer for their album are: John Bundrick (The Who, Bob Marley), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Sheila E), Snowy White (Rogers Waters), and songwriters Niccoló Bolchi (IT), Emiel Scholsberg. Micha Molthoff and Frederike Schonis (NL).



John “Rabbit” Bundrick  (keyboardist – The Who):

“I met Juan while working with Snowy White.
My experience on first meeting with Juan was that he was a “musician’s musician”, and was of the highest quality of craftman that I have met since the 1970’s.
With his company, Vanmerloot Music Pros, Juan has mixed, organised, and  performed on my newest album, The Wind Cried, and has given me a stunning Official mix. 100% satisfaction guaranteed…”

Jan van Oort: (solo artist CD album “The Voice Inside”):
“Juan approaches you, as well as a musician as a human being, with deep respect. He makes you feel comfortable and at home, so only the best can come out of you. I’m so glad that I choose Juan for producing my CD.”

Sally Lune:
“Juan van Emmerloot’s commitment, accessibility and ‘know how’, sure played an important role in our debut album’s success, making us aware of the importance of a good mastering. Thank you man!”


Goofy & The Regulars:

“Working with Juan ment a great step forward for our band. Not only did we experience the co-operation as enjoyable and inspiring, the way the project objectives were met proved an outstanding professionalism.

Juan was able to explore the best of our abilities without compromising our artistic identity.  He summarized it all in the recording of the ‘Cruise Control’ album. Edit values for Goofy: We have beautiful recordings, but we also have a new friend. We hope we can continue our co-operation in the future!!”


Juan van Emmerloot website : www.juanvanemmerloot.rocks

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