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KIKI BONANZA -Two masked women-

Rotterdam south side roughness meets Caribbic Arubian delight.

Obsessed with creating loco beats, they make raw electronic music free from inhibition. From hiphop to hardcore gabba, from electro to ragga, madness is guaranteed. Their lyrics (dutch and papiamento) are focused on the objectification of the male sex.

All men….ravishing fresh meat, put on this earth solely for their pleasure. With their ‘Si bo no gusta bo ta laga’ attitude This beatmaking/singing/rapping/adrenaline raising duo will make for a crazy 23 minutes and 6 seconds.

*** Put on some Masks and harass dem Bois ***

They are KIKI BONANZA!!!
* apple beer and menthol cigarette infused

Kiki Bonanza is nominated in the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam.