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Martien Keesmaat is an inventive, creative and quirky guitarist and composer. As a musician, he stays off the beaten tracks. He searches for more daring color combinations and a distinct
atmosphere within different genres. You can hear that in his solo work – on stage and on record – and his collaborations with well-known and lesser-known names from the music world.
Martien played in rock bands Ruby Q and Danika, worked with jazz musicians such as Leon Klaasse and Frans van der Hoeven, and did a theater tour with members of Suzies Haarlok. With
John van der Veer he formed a modern classical guitar duo.
Martien is currently active as a solo guitarist and plays his own work and compositions by Erik Satie on guitar.
With the Haarlem alternative rock formation Krater, he is working on a debut album.

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Martien Keesmaat – Veni Bibi Vomi
2005 -2007 // Genre: Alternative / Jazz / Folk / Noir / Rock / Experimantal
Veni Bibi Vomi is a project that started during my graduation year at the Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg.

Martien Keesmaat – guitar, vocals, compositions and lyrics (
Leon Klaasse – drums (The Pilgrims, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Freek de Jonge, The Analogues)
Frans van der Hoeven – double bass (Toots Thielemans, Europian jazz trio, Jasper Blom Quartet)
Mark van Holland – lyrics and vocals (Chord und Discord)
Yoshi Breen – Lyrics, background vocals, piano and Glockenspiel (Sunday Sun)
Sanne Mus – Background vocals / opera (Ruby Q, Mamuschka)
Jelle van Tongeren – violin (Jelle van Tongeren Group, The Busquitos)
Sarah Jeffery – recorder, whisper and telephone conversation (Duo Nasa, Jerboah)
Recorded at the Flowerhouse and Chiel ’s place by Willem Bloem and Michiel van `t Riet (Haarlem)
Mixed by Michiel van `t Riet (Yeah Right Music Production & Services)
Masterded at Electric City by Alan Ward (Brussels)
Video by Marius Bruijn (