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Maya Lisa

Together with producer Emile Bode she made a brand new Christmas track.

Bio Maya Lisa

That the talented singer-songwriter Maya Lisa is blessed with a gift, shows by the fact that she has worked with some of the best musicians in the business. She is lead vocalist, writer and dancer in the group of award winning funk drummer Jamal Thomas (Maceo Parker, the S.O.S.Band). Lisa has written the lyrics for the upcoming theater tour Mr. Richard Parker by avant-garde jazz master fluteplayer Chris Hinze (oct.2017-dec.2017).

Music is second nature for Lisa. As a young girl she studied music theory and violin. Lisa began an intense concentration on singing at the age of 12 and in 2004 she began studying classical singing and graduated from the acclaimed CODARTS conservatory in Rotterdam.

Though classically trained, Lisa has always had a fascination for R&B and soul music. Her solo debut (set for release 2017) will be imbued with these influences. A production which shows Lisa’s passion for singing and her capacity to connect the listener with her heart. She likes to be an example for those who want to transform their dreams into reality. An ambition she also expresses in her socially engaged songs.


Jamal Thomas is clear about Lisa’s future: “Maya is extremely talented. I have worked with many great singers and she becomes one of them. Calm, explosive and always well prepared. She is loaded with knowledge, creative at the drop of a hat and a great songwriter. I enjoy working with her. Look out for Maya Lisa, this beautiful voice of the future.”