Here you can find the music which is available for SYNC.
If you can’t find it, we can make it for you!

Here you can hear the work we did and you can use for your own productions. We also make custom made sound-alikes / alternates. If you are interested in using a track you can download it directly or contact us for a demo.


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Can’t find it? We can make your custom track!
And if you can’t find a track or it’s not exactly what you want? We can make it CUSTOM MADE for you!
With over 85 tracks in more than 31 movies and commercials in the last four years, we know what we are doing. Music For Your Movies is where you can also order your custom made music for your movies. It can be original composed music or alternatives for existing tracks or sound-alike. Please contact us what we can do for your movies. In 2010 we started active with Music For Your Movies and the results are very positive!

Clients we worked for: Eyeworks, IJswaterfilm, Fuworks, Lemming Film, IdtV Film, BNN, A-Film, NLFilm, Pupkin. and many more.

FAQ on how we work

– I’m looking for new music for in my movie or game and not sure if i want to use it.
Check out our music and contact us if you hear something you could use.

– I want custom made music for a specific scene.
Send us your preview and maybe some examples of music, we call you ( producer/director) directly to hear personally from you what you want and we come up with an idea.

– I have used music in my movie/advertising/game but may not use it and need an alternative.
Send us the scene with and without the used music. We call you (the producer/ director) to hear personally from you what you want and what the intention was to choose that particular piece of music. We will intend to make a piece of music which has the same vibe, but we will NOT make an exact copy.
The optional sound-alike recording is dissimilar enough to avoid infringing the original writer’s copyright.

– We are honest!
If we can’t make it, we try to get someone also for you who can. If we cant give you a proper answer, we wont accept the job. We like an challenge, but why waist time and money.

– We deliver fast…
Normally you have a sketch in 2-5 days (depending on what kind of music). Normally, with the normal changes, it’s finished in 7 workdays.

– I’m an artist and looking for some new tracks
Tell us what kind of style music you are looking for. If we don’t have anything in stock we will produce it for you if we can. We don’t produce and work for free, ask us our rates and possibilities.

  • top-kevbdd
  • top-vangodlos
  • top-nitro
  • top-flikken
  • top-hollandshoop
  • top-satudarah
  • top-diktrom
  • top-tirza
  • top-taped
  • top-silkroad
  • top-aanmodderfokker
  • top-lotus
  • top-hemelopaarde
  • top-demarathon
  • top-depresident
  • top-vreemdbloed
  • top-bodylanguage
  • top-thebattle

Movies we worked for:

Komt Een Vrouw Bij De Dokter
Dik Trom
Van God Los (international leader)
Van God Los (music for 3 series)
Vreemd Bloed
In Blue
MVIED The Battle
Silk Road
New Kids Nitro ( tracks in Movie and on Soundtrack CD)
Hollands Hoop
Flikken Maastricht (televison series and movie)
Tussen Hemel en Aarde
De President
Dennis vs Valerio

Mannen van Staal
Music for several theaters and shows

Los Invitados – S.Bonilla
Sound design and music for Dance Theatre

Music for promo and video

van beek & partners
Music for Promo’s and Commercials

IJsselland Ziekenhuis
Music at Promo Movie

Stichting Troje
Musical + CD-release with Jeroen Hendriks

UnieKaas BV
Music for Promo Movies and Advertising

Stichting Woningpartners
Music for promotions

Bouwfonds Woningbouw BV
Several music for promotions

Music 2 video-productions, theme-song “Times are changing…in a clip” and Dutch theater shows and CD-release

Ministry of Internal Affairs (NL)
Filmscore “Preface to Holland”

And many more…

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