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Art of Nationalities – We’re done here

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Titel : We're done here
Release Date : 27 februari 2018
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Catalog ref. : TRR575
Format : Digital Download

The first release of Art of Nationalities: We’re done here.

Joe Jackson (Liverpool, England) provides the band with his atmospheric guitar parts, touching vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Saskia Clapton (Sydney, Australia) is responsible for the groovy, playful bass lines that counteract the guitar in a refreshing way.

Sophie van Dommelen (Haarlem, the Netherlands) plays the drums in a tight, full sounding minimalistic way. She is the foundation of this band.

Producer: Juan van Emmerloot
Synths and mastering: Emile Bode

Label information:

TRR575 NLGZ51800575 Art of Nationalities We’re done here
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