Emiel Scholsberg - Last Autumn

Emiel Scholsberg – Last Autumn

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Titel : Last Autumn
Release Date : 3 december 2017
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Catalog ref. : TRR513
Format : Digital Download

Emiel Scholsberg – Last Autumn

Spring 2017, Juan van Emmerloot and I started working relentlessly on new compositions I came up with. Working with just the two of us, immersed in the inspiring environment of the unique VanMerloot Music Pros Studios, enjoying that special connection that has always bound us when making music together, I’m so glad to say we were able to capture magical moments. This very single, being the first result of the renewed collaboration between two kindred spirits, was based on a composition I’d written earlier, in loving memory of my dear beloved grandmother. For years, this song had been lingering somewhere inside my head, but only after joining forces again with my brother, drummer and producer Juan van Emmerloot, it became what it is now. A composition that pays hommage to all the loving, caring, strong and fierce women that have walked the face of this earth. The recognition many of these women received during their hard lives more often than not remained inversely proportional to their significance. It also pays tribute to love, and to the immeasurable force it yields. So, here it is…. It’s an honor and privilege to share this with you.




“Last Autumn” – lyrics & music Emiel Scholsberg
Produced by: Juan van Emmerloot, VMP Studio

Juan van Emmerloot – drums & percussion
Emiel Scholsberg – vocals, guitars, bass, synthguitar
Mastering: TheRoomRecordings

Studiotrack (recorded @ VanMerloot Music Pros Studio, The Netherlands, 2017)

TRR513 NLGZ51700513 Emiel Scholsberg Last Autumn
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