Emiel Scholsberg - Reference Recordings I

Emiel Scholsberg – Reference Recordings I

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Titel : Reference Recordings I
Release Date : 2 december 2017
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Catalog ref. : TRR508
Format : Digital Download

Emiel Scholsberg – Reference Recordings I

Both as a composer and a performer, Emiel Scholsberg has always tried to push his own boundaries, in search for sounds that take him further, in search for freedom of expression in the purest sense. On this ongoing quest, he started studying with some great players/composers (Tim Langedijk, Jeroen van Vliet, Willem Kühne, Rick Peckham, David Fiuczynksi, Scott McGill, e.o.). Wanting to unravel some of the secrets of what is mostly referred to as “jazz”, Emiel started experimenting with repertoire from this genre. On stage is the best place to discover and learn new things! So Emiel gathered some of his friends together to play and enjoy, thus closing off the first year of his Master studies, and also preparing for what proved to be an unforgettable adventure at the legendary Berklee College of Music later that summer, under the inspiring guidance of Rick Peckham.

“…To me, improvisation really feels like composing music “on the spot”, together. A challenging and beautiful experience when you’re performing with gifted musicians, playing from their hearts. Just let the sound of what’s around you enchant you and take you on a trip. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow… together, you create. It is a wonderful process, and as such a mirror of life itself…. This live EP is a truthful registration of a beautiful evening in June. Together with some dear friends of mine, I enjoyed giving my rendition of a few jazz- or jazz oriented songs, as Im exploring the wondrous world of jazz, that still holds so many hidden treasures for me. And you know, there is nothing like experiencing live music.. live. But hey…. We can’t be everywhere at the same time now, can we? So just sit back, imagine yourself present there with us, relax, and feel the love! I know I certainly did… “ – Emiel Scholsberg, December 2017

Line up: 

Emiel Scholsberg – guitar & vocals

Juan van Emmerloot – drums

Wilbrand Meischke – bas

Remko Kühne – keys

Ravenna Moscoso – vocals

Toon de Quant – FOH engineer

Photography – Merijn Manders

Mixing: VanMerloot Music Pros Studio

Mastering: TheRoomRecordings




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