Emiel Scholsberg – Frimangron

Frimangron is het muzikale project van Emiel Scholsberg.

Since the release of the first album “Frimangron” back in 2010, “Frimangron” has been the name under which Emiel initiated and brought forth all his creative projects based on his own compositions. During this ongoing quest, he met several kindred spirits that traveled with him through the wondrous world of Sound, sometimes briefly, sometimes over a longer period of time. Eventually, a coincidental last-minute collaboration with two other “fri man”, playing the 2019 Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival, turned out to be a match made in heaven. So Emiel teamed up with Koen Wijnen and Remo van Osch and together they have since then formed this trio, surprisingly going by the name Frimangron.

Remo van Osch – acoustic & electric guitar, bass, keys, FX
Koen Wijnen – drums, percussion, Wizzdrum, FX
Emiel Scholsberg – acoustic & electric guitar, fretless guitar, bass, FX, vocals


Emiel Scholsberg / Frimangron

Emiel Scholsberg