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Fast Eddie - the creator of Hip House

Creator of an original Chicago sound, DJ Fast Eddie has become a hip-house legend in the music scene. His popular house grooves synchronized with rhythms made him a musical phenomena all over the globe. Today he masterminds a new vibe of deep house grooves accompanied by penetrating bass lines. Chicago 1999 is a rare debut of DJ Fast Eddie's new soundscript.

Fast Eddie needs no introduction
At least, not for anyone who has tracked house music. He is as integral to the house movement as Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, and Kevin Saunderson. Why? In the wake of acid-house, Eddie coined a new musical style that he titled HIP-HOUSE. By fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming, Eddie set the standard for this new genre, challenged only by Doug Lazy and Kool Rock Steady ( RIP ).

With that in mind, you might be surprised to hear Eddie's essentially deep, moving house for Real Estate. "Encore" and "Solar Soundscape," both taken from Future House Society Vol. 2, fuse acidic synths with deeper house grooves. A million miles from "Yo Yo Get Funky," "The Whop" "Jack To The Sound," and "Hip House," but not quite so far from "Acid Thunder."


Fast Eddie is a house music producer from Chicago, Illinois.

Before his stint as a producer, he was a DJ that was considered one of the premier house DJs at the time. He gained immense popularity during the heyday of Chicago House Music During that time, he was spinning on WGCI and WBMX in Chicago.

However, during that stint, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration withKenny "Jammin'" Jason entitled "Can You Dance?" , Fast Eddie came out with other house tracks such as "The Whop" based on the dance of the same name. Also, Fast Eddie left WGCI for WBMX for a short stint and then quit that to concentrate on producing. Fast Eddie scored one of his biggest hits with "Acid Thunder" on the DJ International Label. "Acid Thunder" is regarded as a classic of the Chicago acid house genre. However, it was the track "Hip House" which really increased his popularity. Fast Eddie popularized the genre of Hip house and produced several tracks afterward. He scored several hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart , including "Git On Up" (featuring Sundance), which spent weeks at number one and is RIAA Certified.

Later he released "Make Some Noise", Fast Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of "Ghetto House." The first of these is entitled "Booty Call" and the other is entitled "Pump It". Both songs gained a lot of airplay on Chicago radio and in clubs.