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Emile Guitars - EB'67

67 rocks!! This guitar is named after my birth year. And I really love the pinup style so I did put 2 on it ! The guitar is a real player with great sound. For who doenst know: You can switch with the S-1 switch in the volume knob between single-coil and humbucker sound. Playing easely from that funky to that trash metal sound.


  • Strat style Southern Swamp Ash

  • Tremelo: Gotoh strat style
  • Fender American Deluxe S-1 pickupset more info
  • 5 way switch
  • Sperzel Satin Chrome Trim Lock Tuners, 6 in Line

Angelo van Merrienboer, The Guitar Lounge

Comes with a HARDCASE

The Artist : Emile Bode

SE Custom Semi-Hollow Review - Guitar Player

Emile Bode is an Dutch designer and owner of EmileGuitars. He got a mixture of styles from tattoo to popart and uses whatever he thinks that would the guitar great and UNiQUE. The playability stands in front, so you can play his design as good as it looks like.





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