EmileGuitars EB-FlowerStrat
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Emile Guitars - EB GOLDENGIRL

We wanted to create something based on gold, brass, tattoos and Japaneese influends. So therefore we painted, used goldleave and brass and carved our way through the guitar. And there it was, togheter with the strass-eye it's a real eyecatcher.

The hardware is the traditional Fender MIM Deluxe so you get that really fat texas blues tone. It has an pushbutton to put an extra bridge pickup at your sound. We allready played on it and we like to sell it to someone who can make it shine on stage!

You can buy this guitar. Mail us for info: info@guitarrepair.com

  • Fender Dubble cut Strat model

  • Maple Neck
  • Standard Fender tuners
  • Special EmileGuitars NeckHeadStrap ©®

  • Fender Texas Specials
  • One volume control
  • Two Tone control
  • 5-way switch
  • Extra pushbutton for extra Bridge Pickup
  • Internal wiring: EvidenceAudio


  • BUILD BY: GuitarRepair

    The Artist : Emile Bode

    SE Custom Semi-Hollow Review - Guitar Player

    Emile Bode is an Dutch designer and owner of EmileGuitars. He got a mixture of styles from tattoo to popart and uses whatever he thinks that would the guitar great and UNiQUE. The playability stands in front, so you can play his design as good as it looks like.

    The Video/Audio demo
    Soon more to see and hear.