EmileGuitars EB Natural

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EmileGuitar EB natural

This is one of the first custom build guitars of EmileGuitars.
I wanted to create a versatile guitar based on the EMG DG-20. That's the set David Guilmor used on his Fender strat.

It has a floating bridge, telestyle knobs, nice pickguard and great neck.

The set has 3 active pickups with a SPC Presence Control and a EXG Guitar Expander. So a tele sound, switching over to a strat sound or humbucker-like overdrive in just one guitar? No Problemo.
I like it so much that we didn't do any artistics with it because the configuration was allready unique!

Oh guys... you won't find any standard guitar with this configuration in any store....


- EMG DG20 David Gilmour set
David Gilmour has used this same EMG System for close to 15 years on his main red Strat. The DG20 comes with ivory SA single coil pickups, wired with an EXG Guitar Expander, an SPC Presence Control, and master volume all on a deluxe White Pearl pickguard with white knobs. The SA single coil pickups feature Alnico magnets which give a full round tone with an accentuated mid range.

The EMG-EXG Guitar Expander circuit increases the bass and treble while reducing the mids, perfect for chord definition at higher volumes. The SPC makes the SA's sing by boosting the mids and turning your single coils into full blown humbuckings. Now you can have the same pickups and tone accessories as David, but keep practicing if you want to get to the "Dark Side of the Moon".

- One Master volume control
- EMG-EXG Guitar Expander
- SPC Presence Control
- Internal wiring: EvidenceAudio

BUILD BY: Ad Vermeer

The Artist : EMILE BODE

SE Custom Semi-Hollow Review - Guitar Player

Emile Bode (1967) is a Dutch designer, artdirector, musicproducer and guitarplayer. So he knows what looks good, feels good and sounds good.

He also started EmileGuitars (what's in a name).

The Video/Audio demo

Duncan B on the EB-Natural (Koch amp and Evidence Audio cable)