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Emile Guitar JB birds

This is an Tele type guitar. With some nice twang tone and birds on your guitar to follow your music every where. Made by Joop Brans.
This guitar is easy playing and with the pushpull to split the humbucker, it has enough options to find your tone.

At the neck a telecaster pickup personal wounded by Angelo van Merrienboer (The Guitar Lounge) Some nice hot warm tele sound

  • Tele type

  • Tremelo: Tele hardtail
  • Neck pickup : Hot Tele pickup personal wounded by Angelo van Merrienboer (The Guitar Lounge)
  • Bridge pickup :
    GFS Pro-Tube Lipstick Humbucker Pickup- Cool Chimey Tone!

    The cool looks are only surpassed by the amazing tone!

    Designed from the ground up right here in our Boston shop, all new molds and mounting brackets, all custom designed by us. Don't fall for imitators, only Pro-Tubes are stamped with the GFS Logo on the bottom!

    Look- everyone knows the old Dano lipstick tube pickups looked and sounded really cool.

    Now I know a few other manufacturers have tried their hand at a Lipstick tube humbucker- but to my ears they don't have the power AND the jangle.

    I feel this set DOES have both- fat warm bottom, incredible chime in the mids, and that great ethereal sparkle on top- in humbucker mode!! They are four wire + ground pickups so you can do any number of series/parallel, split-coil wiring schemes as well. In split coil mode this is a standard single coil lipstick tube!

    The bridge pickup is wound SUPER hot- 12K

    These are HIGH END Boutique Quality pickups- using Alnico II magnets, vintage style plain enamel coil wiring, 5 Wire leads for coil tapping and many more imaginative wiring schemes, and they come complete with a black humbucker ring to fit practically ANY guitar- from les Pauls to cheap copies.

  • 3 way switch
  • Push-pull to split the humbucker
  • Special EmileGuitars NeckHeadStrap ©®

    Angelo van Merrienboer, The Guitar Lounge


    SE Custom Semi-Hollow Review - Guitar Player

    Joop Brans is someone who is specialized in traditional graphics. But he used it for a new style and we like it!. So we asked him to take care of the first serie of EmileGuitars. So, he did.