EmileGuitars EB-FlowerStrat
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EmileGuitars - JB orange

"Not only does this guitar look hot, it sounds even hotter."
The first of the JB guitar series.  JB stands for Joop Brans, an artist who has a really unique and humorous style.
This is the first ever guitar created by JB and he did tell me that initially the idea was a little daunting; he had never considered designing and painting - ON - a guitar.

Besides it's unique appearance, it has the most amazing sound!  Looking for that warm jazztone that can bite?
Viola!  Here it is, wax potted and sounding like a warm Summer's night.  Priceless!  Painted Amber in colour and showing smiling faces, musical circles and laughing alligators...
This guitar radiates spirit and it's yours to own!!


  • Semi-acoustic


  • 25" scale length mahogany 22-fret neck with rosewood fretboard and dot inlays


  • Semi-acoustic
  • Special Sperzel lockingtuners
  • Golden Hardware


  • EmileGuitars Humbuckers (super58 specs)
  • Two volume control
  • Two Push/Pull tone control and splitter for humbucker/singlecoil


  • EMG 81 pickups
  • Two volume control
  • Two Tone control

Guitartechnician: Ad Vermeer


The Artist : JOOP BRANS

SE Custom Semi-Hollow Review - Guitar Player

Joop Brans is someone who is specialized in traditional graphics. But he used it for a new style and we like it!. So we asked him to take care of the first serie of EmileGuitars. So, he did. You can see more work of him at www.joopbrans.nl

The Video/Audio demo

Demo by Duncan_B on a Koch Amp with EvidenceAudio Cable.