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EmileGuitar YS Stripes

Sometimes it's hard to tell you how a guitar playes and feels. This one is a real player. Because of the active pickups, tou can do anything with teh guitar you like: gentle backing, screaming front, jazzy solo or funky laidback with that little edge on your sound.

We were looking for a versatile guitar which can play in harmony with the bandsound but also with one switch to be front of the music. Yep, we like to be agressive sometimes :-) Guitarplayers rules, so here is the YS Stripes.

We asked Yvonne Struys for a nice painting and we did some carving on the guitar and loaded it with an old EMG DG20 pickups set (better then the new ones and they are real vintage ,fooks) with an extra switch to make the bridge pickup active. Its gives that extra telecastersound high. We like it!
To make it complete, the CHROME pickguard makes the spotlights reflect into the audience! Better than the stripes Eddy uses on his old guitar!

  • Dubble cut Strat model

  • Maple Neck & Fingerboard
  • Special design ChromeSperzel USA lockingtuners
  • Fender Chrome Pickguard
  • Fender Knobs
  • Chrome Hardware
  • special EmileGuitars NeckHeadStrap ©®

  • EMG DG20 David Gilmour set
    David has used this same EMG System for close to 15 years on his main red Strat. The DG20 comes with ivory SA single coil pickups, wired with an EXG Guitar Expander, an SPC Presence Control, and master volume.. The SA single coil pickups feature Alnico magnets which give a full round tone with an accentuated mid range. The EMG-EXG Guitar Expander circuit increases the bass and treble while reducing the mids, perfect for chord definition at higher volumes. The SPC makes the SA's sing by boosting the mids and turning your single coils into full blown humbuckings.

  • One Master volume control
  • EMG-EXG Guitar Expander
  • SPC Presence Control
  • Extra switch to activate the bridge element
  • Internal wiring: EvidenceAudio


  • GuitarRepair

    Artist : Yvonne Struys

    EmileGuitars artist Yvonne Struys

    Yvonne Struys is a Dutch artist with a long history of making art. She combines different techniques and materials to make her art. For EmileGuitars she came up with the stripes. We adjusted it with her approval and carved the stripes into the guitar and covered it with a nice laquier,
    More work from Yvonne Struys can be found at www.struys.nl

    The Video/Audio demo

    No video yet for this guitar.