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“Jazzindahouse ” is a music project started by Emile Bode; A music project which combines jazz, R&B, nu soul, dance, trance, hip hop, house, disco, rock and sound scapes.

Emile Bode is Jazzindahouse
Emile Bode is producer for several music styles for labels, artists, movies and advertising. He playes, writes and produce most of the songs himself.

This project gives him the opportunity to work and create music with great musicians. Join his musical adventure.


I’m asking worldwide different musicians to contribute to this project. And I’m a lucky man that a lot of this talented people want to join me on this musical adventure.

The first tracks were recorded with trumpet player Eric Vloeimans , he surprised and showed me that traditional instruments can have a place in modern dance music. And we are working on other tracks with other artist you can see below this text.
Juan van Emmerloot
Robert van der Padt
Esther van Hees
Frans Vollink
Lidia on Bass
Edward Capel
Saskia Floor
Jan van Oort
Stella Bergsma


Project : Thinking about New York
After a 2 week stay in New York in Dec 2012, I wanted to put my inspiration back into some music tracks. Right now I’m writing with some new tracks with specific musicians in mind for solo’s and singing. And it’s gonna be nice. Release is scheduled after the summer 2014.

Project  : Thinking about Rotterdam
While working on our New York project, we are also working on our next project about Rotterdam. We are in the stage of writing, producing and looking for the soloist for this album. We are allready very exited about the new idea.

Project : Thinking about Japan
After our trip to Japan, we got so much impressions and ideas. So soon there will be new releases with the JAPAN theme.

Jazzindahouse in the movies
The first tracks are already placed in a major Dutch television serie. Thanks to

Jazzindahouse music is released by the Dutch jazzlabel New Jazz Adventure.

Releases from Jazzindahouse

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