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Juan van Emmerloot


Juan van Emmerloot is a Dutch drummer, music producer and composer (born 12 November 1965 in Waalwijk).
Juan started playing drums and percussion at the age of 10 at the local music school where he followed lessons of Marius Spikmans. He joined his first band ‘Penthouse’ and played live performances at the age of 13. He continued studying music in school until the age of 17. The next step was intensive musical training at the Rotterdam Conservatory. In that same period artist Rudy DeQueljoe introduced Juan to the Dutch rock/pop scene and recognized him as a young talented drummer. In addition he was asked to play with Kaz Lux (Brain Box), Julya Lo’Ko, Laura Fygi & Robby Valentine on tours in The Netherlands.

As a drummer Juan performed at many studio sessions in the UK and the Netherlands. His fascination and passion for recording music started at the age of 15, using the “pingpong” technique with mono tape cassettes players. A year earlier at the age of 14, Juan was asked to play drums for jingles and demos at a local studio called ‘Joe’s Garage’. The passion of engineer Lats Varga inspired Juan to listen to details in music and to aim for the best live audio recordings. During the studio sessions later on, Juan has had the privilege to work with many great producers such as Ken Thomas, Curtis Schwartz, John Sonneveld, Pim Koopman, Robin Freeman, Erwin Steijlen, Emile Bode, and Joost van den Broek. Through these occasions he learned to listen to the acoustics of a live room, how to use various microphones and how to combine the analogue and digital recording sessions. Today van Emmerloot works at “40 Lions Place” (Studio 1 and Studio 2) on a daily basis, recording drums for: Marco Canepa (It), S.O.B. Studios (Amsterdam), Bi-OS Productions (It), French House Recording Studio (Fa), Arthur Antoine Theunissen from STUDIO CUBE, George Konings at SOUND VISION Studio and producing albums for international music artists like John Bundrick (The Who, Bob Marley), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Sheila E) and Snowy White (Rogers Waters), and for songwriters like Frederike Schonis (NL) and Niccoló Bolchi (IT), Micha Molthoff (NL) and Emiel Scholsberg (NL)..


Releases from Juan van Emmerloot

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