Timothy –  I’m A Little Lost and That’s Ok

When you create things, you get focused on a project. Once that projects reaches the end of its chapter, you can feel a little lost. Tim found himself in such a position after releasing his first album. Questions like ‘What sound am I going to chase now?’ And ‘Is there anymore lyrical creativity left in me?’ come to mind. But he found that, within feeling lost, there’s opportunity. You won’t know what will happen, and that’s the most exciting part of it: Anything can happen.


Drums by Renzo Rijn
All other instruments and arrangement: Tim van Emmerloot

Songs written by Tim van Emmerloot
Lyrics by Tim van Emmerloot
Produced by Tim van Emmerloot

‘I’m Fine’ produced by Tim van Emmerloot and Renzo Rijn

Mix by Vanmerloot Music Pros
Mastered by  MUSIC™ Mastering
Publishing: TheRoomRecordings Publishing


NLGZ52100978 2:25 TRRP You Timothy
NLGZ52100979 3:35 TRRP Please. Like Me Timothy
NLGZ52100980 3:25 TRRP A Little Lost Timothy
NLGZ52100981 3:43 TRRP Am I In Love? Timothy
NLGZ52100982 2:39 TRRP Terms of the Condition Timothy
NLGZ52100983 3:14 TRRP I’m Fine Timothy

Timothy –  I’m A Little Lost and That’s Ok

Release Date : 15/09/2022
Artists : Emile Bode, Juan van Emmerloot, Renzo Rijn, Tim van Emmerloot
Genres : pop, rock
Catalog ref. : TRR978
Format : Digital Download