New, instrumental single ‘MingMing II’ of Emiel Scholsberg
tribute to singlehanded sailor Sir Roger D. Taylor

Some years ago, Surinamese-Dutch composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performing artist Emiel Scholsberg and his former Dutch Rockacademy buddies Erwin Gielen and Erik Harbers sat back together for an old-school jamsession. This became the
bedrock for the track ‘MingMing II’. Years later, parts of what was recorded then got rearranged by Gielen, together with bassplayer Remo van Osch. After that, Scholsberg, Gielen and Van Osch went into the studio to record this new arrangement. Scholsberg,
being an enthousiastic singlehanded sailor himself, dedicates this “instrumental rollercoaster” to respected singlehanded sailor Sir Roger D. Taylor who has some impressive arctic voyages with his tiny vessel called ‘MingMing II’ to his credit. As of May 13th 2022 ‘MingMing II’ will be available on all major streaming platforms.
In the same boat Emiel Scholsberg explains: “I find these ocean voyages Taylor undertook with MingMing II really fascinating. Such a voyage to me is a very strong metaphor for life itself. The vast expanse, the solitude, the cold, the immense powers that can abruptly change your fate, but also the intense serenity, the stillness. These continuous opposites. And you want to endure it all, on your own, in
a tiny little boat. The courage this demands. Faith. Fear. Incredible! Sounds just like life if you ask me!”


The proven setting of a power trio formation with drums, bass and guitar offers ample space for the characteristic contribution of Gielen, Van Osch and Scholsberg. For this trio, improvisation is the pillar upon which the arrangement is substantiated. Scholsberg on the organic recording process: “We consciously opted for recording the trio live, as a whole. What you hear is a onetaker.
A moment you literally catch on tape together, which makes it something truly unique.”

Collaboration VanMerloot Music Pros
‘MingMing II’ is the first single to be released of a new album that will see the light of day around fall 2022. For this purpose, Scholsberg works together closely with drummer/producer Juan van Emmerloot (o.a Snowy White, Steve Lukather, Walter Trout, Stef Burns).

Emiel Scholsberg – MingMing II

Artists : Emiel Scholsberg, Juan van Emmerloot, New Jazz Adventure
Genres : jazz, pop
Catalog ref. : TRR961
Format : Digital Download