Fretless poetry about transition on new, instrumental EP ‘Tom & Helena’ of Emiel Scholsberg

Surinamese-Dutch composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performing artist Emiel Scholsberg came across the vivacious story of transformation poet Helena Gwyn went through from Tom to Helena. The poetic diary ‘Onderweg naar mij(n )Zelf’ is her personal account of this process. Touched by her words, Scholsberg felt inspired to translate them into music. The result is this mainly instrumental, entirely self-produced EP ‘Tom & Helena’. Especially the fretless guitarparts play a prominent role in several tracks. As of March 11th 2022 ‘Tom & Helena’ will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Stories connect people
Emiel Scholsberg explains: “I’d like to help people understand eachother by depicting personal stories like that of ‘Tom & Helena’ in my music.” By means of the five tracks this EP holds, Scholsberg aspires to immerse the listener in Helena’s world, to let the listener be carried way, traveling alongside her on this intense journey she went through.

Fretless words
The diversity in instruments used brings forth a rich, dynamic and cinematic sound image. Besides the fretless guitar, also acoustic and electric guitars, bassguitar, piano, Rhodes, handpercussion and vocal sounds were recorded for Emiel’s translations of poems into sound. He also combined this analogue material with the world of digital sounddesign, soundscapes en sampling. Scholsberg about his creative process: “This project gave me the opportunity to create music mainly from a musicproducer’s perspective, as opposed to my more performance-based role with acts like Frimangron, or Eva van Pelt.”

Support Makersfonds Tilburg
‘Tom & Helena’ is the first edition of a series of story-based EP’s Scholsberg aims to produce in the near future, pursuent to his composition project ‘Frimangron Tori’ (which translates freely into: ‘stories of freedom’). The creation of this EP was made possible by the support of Makersfonds Tilburg and Kunstloc Brabant.

On March 11th 2022, independent label New Jazz Adventure releases the new EP ‘Tom & Helena’ of Emiel Scholsberg. It will be available on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, en YouTube.

Emiel Scholsberg – artist –
Label: New Jazz Adventure
Link to EP – Spotify (to be used with Spotify app) available March 11th, 2022





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Emile Scholsberg – Tom & Helena

Release Date : 21/03/2022
Artists : Emiel Scholsberg, New Jazz Adventure
Genres : jazz, pop
Catalog ref. : TRR956
Format : Digital Download