FREDERIKE Music – Strolling

When love has made its way to you, it usually feels like heaven on earth; everything looks better, tastes better, and you want this sensation to last forever.
We know from experience that this exquisite sensation may not endure for very long, so we might as well take in all the positive emotions and assimilate them.

Take full use of the positive energy that love brings into your life.

music: Frederike Schonis, Albert Van Dorssen and Juan van Emmerloot

lyrics: Frederike Schonis

Recording musicians line-up:
lead- and backing vocals: Frederike Schonis
Rhodes / Hammond: Albert Van Dorssen
guitars : Arnold van Dongen
bass: Jos Kamps
drums / percussion: Juan van Emmerloot
Music Production by:
Juan van Emmerloot
Recorded & mixed at:
Vanmerloot Music Pros | Studio ‘s Graveland
Mastered by:
Streaming Platforms Management / digital record-label / publisher
New Jazz Adventure |


Frederike Music – Strolling

Release Date : 12/11/2022
Artists : Albert van Dorssen, Arnold van Dongen, Frederike Music, Frederike Schonis, Jos Kamps, Juan van Emmerloot
Catalog ref. : TRR1014
Format : Digital Download