The Final Call

Earth used to be a lovely planet, but civilization has been gradually ruining it. We will all eventually come to the horrifying understanding that we have outgrown nature’s capacity for survival, even if we don’t want to admit it now.

When the time comes, I still believe that we will be able to come up with a solution and adapt to the new situation so that we can complete the necessary tasks.

Indeed, we must keep in mind that life is only a temporary phase of our existence, therefore we should make the most of it and take action right away.

Credits single G30 – Title: The Final Call


music: Mark Bogert

Recording musicians line-up:

lead guitar 1and keys: Mark Bogert

lead guitar 2: Brian Bordes

Drums and bass: Juan van Emmerloot

Music and Video Production by: Vanmerloot Music Pros – Juan van Emmerloot

Audio recorded at: Vanmerloot Music Pros | Studio “40 Lions” in ‘s Graveland

Audio mixed at: Vanmerloot Music Pros | Studio “The Marydale Room” in Angerlo

Audio mastered by: Emile Bode

Video clip:

steady CAM: Mark Bogert

camera 1 & 2 and lights: Juan van Emmerloot

edit: Tim van Emmerloot

Video clip shoot at: Sound Vision Studio – Arnhem

Front cover picture: J.U.L.Ö

Frontcover design: Emile Bode

Streaming Platforms Management / digital record-label / publisher TheRoomRecordings |


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G30 – The Final Call

Release Date : 09/12/2022
Artists : Brian Bordes, G30, Juan van Emmerloot, Mark Bogert
Genre : rock
Format : Digital Download