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Geminga brings ode to everyone en route

On december 21 the Rotterdam label New Jazz Adventure launches the new track ‘Ah (En route)’, from the Nijmegen downbeat electrojazz formation Geminga. Ah (En route) is an ode to everyone en route, in a universal language of sound, rhythm and melody.

In a period of months Geminga brings out new tracks, eventually resulting in their second album coming up in the summer of 2019. Ah (En route) is the second track that is released. Again the new sound and musical direction of Geminga can be heard, with eastern influences, trumpet and beats produced by dubstep producer Mischapex.

En route
The intention of the track fits this time of the year. A moment of reflection at Christmas time. In three phases the listener is taken on a more than 9 minute journey to hidden places. Where many are en route, on the run. With or without luggage, it depends on how you look at it. And sometimes closer to home than we pressume.

Dancing child
Geminga is always interested to collaborate with other artists and performers. For ‘Ah (En route)’, the band again worked with the Nijmegen dubstep producer Mischapex. The coverimage is made by photographer Gideon Laureijs with the ‘pinhole’ technique. The very first photo ever was made with this technique. Through a tiny hole (the pinhole) the light fell on a sensitive metal plate. Now it falls on a modern CCD chip. On the photo we see a dancing child, a moving shadow, a flame that never extinguishes.




TRR682 NLGZ51800682 Ah (En route) Geminga

Geminga – Ah (En route)

Release Date : 21/12/2018
Artists : Geminga, New Jazz Adventure
Catalog ref. : TRR682
Format : Digital Download