Trip hop with oriental influences
New single ‘O’ by Geminga tells a story about transience

On September 1 the Rotterdam label New Jazz Adventure launches the new single ‘Oh’, from the Nijmegen trip hop / electro jazz formation Geminga. Here the band shows that her sound has been given an in-depth layer, both musically and conceptually. Trumpet is a new addition.

The number O, which is also the first track of the second album by Geminga, which will appear in a few months, is about transience. Everything passes. Our life, but also the life that we see around us. Nothing is forever. If you walk through nature with those eyes, or look around you wherever you are, then you suddenly notice it.

O is the themesong of the performance This is me / as time goes by, with which Geminga was shown in 2016 together with two dancers in a number of theaters. The song is loosely based on the poem ‘Tijd’ by Vasalis. In it, this poet describes in a beautiful way that everything is in continuous struggle with time. It is a law of nature, a process that we can not stop. We can not stop it, even if we would like to. Once you have noticed that, you lose your naivety. You can not go back to ‘do not see’. You see it all the time, it haunts you.

Illuminating lamentation
O stands for that which never stops. The cycle: where it starts, it ends again and so on. We always go through the same circle. Infinitely many times. The vocals in the chorus, the ‘ooo’, is a lament to this impermanence around us. How do you relate to this infinite cycle as a human being? How do you continue if you have lost your naivety? Wordless music then is all that remains. A complaining, sighing ‘O’, a soft crying for everything that goes, a chorus of young and old voices … But also a sigh of relief. A burden that falls from you if you can accept this. Relief. Because you know, everything starts again.

Geminga is looking for collaboration with other artists and performers. For ‘O’, the band worked with the Nijmegen dubstep producer Mischapex. The cover is made by photographer Gideon Laureijs with the pinhole technique. The very first photo was made with this technique. Through a tiny hole (the pinhole) the light fell on a sensitive metal plate. Now it falls on a modern CCD chip. On the photo we see a circling movement: sunflowers that rotate with the sun, the decay of an old flower and the budding of a new one.

TRR625 NLGZ51800625 Oh Geminga

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Geminga – Oh

Release Date : 01/09/2018
Artist : Geminga
Catalog ref. : TRR625
Format : Digital Download