Gerardo – Creatures of the Night
Gerardo is a Dutch/Spanish singer-songwriter from Rotterdam (The Netherlands). He started writing songs and playing the guitar as a teenager in Spain and he sings in English and Spanish. His music can be best described as pop-dance full of happy and positive vibes and is influenced by different styles from the ’90’s until today. His songs are full of strong and catchy melodies. They tell deeper stories about life and lessons learned. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, many of his songs are about empowerment, self-acceptance and celebrating life.

Gerardo’s latest single ‘Creatures of the Night’ is a cry for help for the resurrection of nightlife with their temples and their DJ gods after the Corona lockdowns. With some clever lyrical references to some dance classic anthems, Gerardo urges us to ‘own the night and dance like we are going to die’! In the catchy bridge he combines Spanish and English to tell us that the night is young and that it will never end. ‘Creatures of the Night’ is a celebration of nightlife, of people coming together and, ultimately, of life itself.

Artist: Gerardo
Track: Creatures of the Night

Lyrics: Gerardo Garcia
Music: Gerardo Garcia / Emile Bode
Producer: Emile Bode

Label: DANCE MUSIC Records™
TheRoomRecordings Publishing



Gerardo – Creatures of the Night

Release Date : 23/07/2021
Artists : DANCE MUSIC™ Records, Emile Bode, Gerardo
Genres : dance, pop
Catalog ref. : TRR947
Format : Digital Download