Juan van Emmerloot feat David Laun – Well Who Are You

In 1992 Juan van Emmerloot formed the band “Greenhouse” and started writing songs with Rowan Moore, Jan Somers and Walter Laupeirissa. They spent a lot of time writing songs and recording demos.
Unfortunately, these songs never made it to be released by a record company.

They say “who keeps what has what”… so a year ago Juan found an old tape cassette and played the demo from back then. Being the producer that he is today, Juan decided to bring one of his  favourite tunes back to life by starting from scratch; kicking off with recording drums, bass and guitars, but adding some nice syncs and keys.

With respect to the song, he looked for a singer who could do the vocal parts. Juan decided to choose a male singer who could also play the solo guitar part, someone with whom he worked before: David Laun.


Well Who Are You – credit list

Lyrics: Rowan Moore
Music composition: Rowan Moore, Juan van Emmerloot, Jan Somers, Walter Latupeirissa
Drums, bass, rhythm guitars, Moog and keys: Juan van Emmerloot
Vocals and lead guitar: David Laun
Recorded & mixed at: Vanmerloot Music Pros
Mastered at: TheRoomRecordings

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Juan van Emmerloot feat David Laun – Well Who Are You

Release Date : 07/08/2021
Artists : David Laun, Jan Somers, Juan van Emmerloot, Rowan Moore, Walter Latupeirissa
Genres : pop, rock
Format : Digital Download