Juan van Emmerloot

title: THE PAPADUM MOVE – feat. Ferry Lagendijk

composer & lyrics: Juan van Emmerloot, June 2019
co-composer: Ferry Lagendijk
synths and piano solo: Ferry Lagendijk
drums, percussion, vocals & bass: Juan van Emmerloot


Production: Juan van Emmerloot
Recorded & mixed at: Vanmerloot Music Pros
Mastered at: TheRoomRecordings by Emile Bode

They say “a drummer is as good as the bass player that he teams up with!”.

Because Juan had the opportunity to play with a great line up of grooving bassists, all of them with a particular feel, sound and timing, it inspired him to write a tune where the bass has a leading role as well as a grooving function.

Juan: “Actually I consider this to be an ode to all great bass players that I played with, but two in particular: Wilco ‘Toeroe’ Leerdam (who taught me at a very young age to keep time and play in the pocket) and Marcus Miller (I never had the chance to play with him though) who amazes me always for his taste, sound, feel and timing!”


And to make the ‘party’ complete, Juan invited Ferry Lagendijk to join in on synths and piano; strong grooving elements as well as a killing piano solo…the way only Ferry can kick it off!



Juan van Emmerloot feat. Ferry Lagendijk – The Papadum Move

Release Date : 20/12/2019
Artists : Ferry Lagendijk, Juan van Emmerloot, TheRoomRecordings
Catalog ref. : TRR753
Format : Digital Download