Juan van Emmerloot feat. WhyMonkeyWhy – Missing Land
The band King Popta! was founded by Juan van Emmerloot in 1998.
It was his first time performing as the lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player in his own band, though he had written songs while touring with Snowy White.
He devoted a lot of time to developing songs and recording demos for the band King Popta! They gave a few memorable performances on stage, but the band ultimately split after almost two years.
No record company ever got around to releasing the tunes.
Who keeps what has what, they say.
Juan, who is now a producer, decided to revive one of his favorite songs from that era. He asked the up-and-coming band WhyMonkeyWhy to take the song on and record it for their debut album.
This is a ‘radio-friendly’ producer’s version of the song “Missing Land” performed by WhyMonkeyWhy.

Credits single Juan van Emmerloot feat. WhyMonkeyWhy – Title: Missing Land
Composition: Juan van Emmerloot
Recording musicians line-up (WhyMonkeyWhy) :
acoustic guitar and lead vocal – Nikki Henskens
rhyhm, lead guitar and backing vocals – Chiel van Son
bass and backing vocals – Johan Brandts
drums and backing vocals – Bram Brandts
Music Production by: Juan van Emmerloot
Audio recorded and mixed at: Vanmerloot Music Pros | Studio “40 Lions” in ‘s Graveland
Audio mastered by: Emile Bode
Photo: Julie de Bruin
Frontcover design: Vormdesign
Streaming Platforms Management / digital record-label / publisher : TheRoomRecordings | https://www.we-make-music.com


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Juan van Emmerloot feat. WhyMonkeyWhy – Missing Land

Release Date : 16/01/2023
Artists : Juan van Emmerloot, Why Monkey Why
Genres : pop, rock
Catalog ref. : TRR1036
Format : Digital Download