Sweet Delight – PR text

“This beautiful jazzy tune is dedicated to a very special person in my life…”

The harmonies and melody of the A-section were composed in 2007 on a used electric jazz guitar that Juan had acquired back then. He was so moved by this guitar’s flat-wounded strings that he felt inspired to record this song.

However, for the the B-section in this song Juan played the Gibson Les Paul that he inherited many years ago. Because Juan wasn’t sure what to do with this song after he recorded the demo, the songs was stored in the “freezer”

In 2017, Juan came across this demo while hunting for another song to work on. As he was playing it his thoughts were like: “let’s contact Ferry Lagendijk and ask him to play the piano- and Hammond parts and start recording it from scratch.”

And so they did!

It seems that the year 2022 is the ideal time to introduce this music to the world…. Have a nice glass of wine, think about someone special and enjoy Juan’s Sweet Delight!

Credits single Juan van Emmerloot feat. Ferry Lagendijk – Title: Sweet Delight



music: Juan van Emmerloot


Recording musicians line-up:

grand piano and Hammond – Ferry Lagendijk

rhyhm, lead guitar, bass and drums – Juan van Emmerloot


Music Production by: Juan van Emmerloot

Audio recorded and mixed at: Vanmerloot Music Pros | Studio “40 Lions” in ‘s Graveland

Audio mastered by:  Emile Bode

Streaming Platforms Management / digital record-label / publisher

TheRoomRecordings |   https://www.we-make-music.com


All guitars performed on a Les Paul Standard ‘93, an Ibanez AF95 Hollow body and the VIBTattoo strat of Emile Guitars



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Juan van Emmerloot – Sweet Delight feat. Ferry Lagendijk

Release Date : 25/03/2023
Artists : Ferry Lagendijk, Juan van Emmerloot, TheRoomRecordings, TheRoomRecordings Publishing
Catalog ref. : TRR1016
Format : Digital Download