SIMIO reflects on todays world. The concept and title of Flat Earth represent a story about people who follow someone else’s actions and opinions without ever asking “Why?”.

The saxophone, played by Rolf Delfos, suggests someone that stops and asks such questions. While at the same time SIMIO, representing the mass, chaotically moves around him.

It’s easy to repeat someone else’s words and act like they’re your own. But are they really true to you? And are you being true to yourself? It is baked into todays world to follow one another and do as you’re told. It’s important to ask questions and hold up a mirror that sometimes reflects an image you don’t recognise or want to see. To face that image is a necessity to move forward as a person and ultimately as a society.


Song: Flat Earth
Featuring: Rolf Delfos
Composers: S. Abdoelrahman, C. Jiskoot, T. van Emmerloot
Produced by Juan van Emmerloot

Recorded and mixed at Vanmerloot Music Pros
Mastered at TheRoomRecordings
Label: New Jazz Adventure

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Simio feat Rolf Delfos – Flat Earth

Release Date : 10/04/2020
Artists : Cas Jiskoot, Juan van Emmerloot, New Jazz Adventure, Rolf Delfos, Sergio Abdoelrahman, Tim van Emmerloot
Catalog ref. : TRR780
Format : Digital Download