The Simio Jazz Trio is a group consisting of young, talented musicians. They reach a high level of playing: a level that is already recognised by producers, record companies and radio stations. The Trio’s own compositions are modern jazz related, combined with expressionistic, explosive improvisations. Their debut EP tells a story through different chapters. Every composition represents a story, adding great value to the overall adventure of their debut EP. Passion and emotion is put in their music which results in creating a unique and submersive atmosphere. Great detail is to be heard in their storytelling which results in a distinguished sound. (A more elaborate explanation can be read in the subsection ‘Our story’) Simio Jazz Trio is: Tim van Emmerloot: Drummer/Composer Sergio Abdoelrahman: Pianist/Composer Cas Jiskoot: Bassist

Simio Jazz Trio – Delusional release info:

TRR620 NLGZ51800620 Delusional Simio Jazz Trio
TRR621 NLGZ51800621 Overtone Simio Jazz Trio
TRR622 NLGZ51800622 Pulse Simio Jazz Trio
TRR623 NLGZ51800623 Speech Simio Jazz Trio

Simio Jazz Trio – Delusional

Release Date : 25/07/2018
Artists : Juan van Emmerloot, New Jazz Adventure, Simio Jazz Trio
Catalog ref. : TRR620
Format : Digital Download

Simio Jazz Trio – Delusional